Electric Vehicles Now

WSP has brought together some of the leading minds in electric vehicle technology for Electric Vehicles Now - an online webinar focused on helping agencies navigate the electric bus space, from planning and modeling to designing facilities that work for you.

Welcome to Electric Vehicles Now

With a mix of interactive talks, lectures, and virtual breakout sessions, Electric Vehicles Now is a free online event that will help transportation agencies prepare for the transition to electric buses, capturing the successes and lessons learned from ZEB programs around the world.

Attendees will come away with an understanding of electric buses, their impact, and how they can transition to them easily and effectively within the State's framework. Attendees will also learn about financing models to support the transition and funding options in New York State.  

This free day-long online conference will run from 10am EST to 4pm EST, with a short break for lunch.

There are three tracks to choose from on the day. Attendees can register for all three and attend seminars as they see fit. A full schedule can be found below.

The Main Route

Register for the Main Route if you want to attend the majority of the day's sessions. We recommend all attendees register for this track and head over to the Scenic Route for our special feature sessions as they see fit.

 The Scenic Route

Register for the Scenic Route to attend our special feature sessions. Feature sessions run in the morning only and include Phil Jonat's interactive session on Microgrids of the Future and Cliff Henke and Jim Wensley's session focused on large operators. Registrants for the Scenic Route can log into these feature sessions as they'd like and join us back on the Main Route when they're ready.

The Off Grid

Join us for a virtual interactive breakout session where you can have deeper conversations with speakers from the day, ask further questions, or just listen in. Registrants can choose a specific session topic to join during registration. Off Grid runs from 3-4pm EST. To register for this session, simply let us know when you register for the Main Route.


Please note, all times are in EST. We recommend attendees sign up for at least one Main Route session in addition to any others, such as the Scenic Route and the Off Grid.

The Main Route - Morning

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10:00AM Transit in 2030: Building the Transit Fleet of Tomorrow Starts Today, John Drayton, WSP

10:30AM Transitioning to Battery Electric Buses for Municipal and Small Operators – it’s no small fleet! Alva Carrasco, WSP and Pat Carr, SolTrans

11:00AM Planning for Every Day, Good or Bad: Future Ready and Hazard Mitigation Planning for Battery Electric Buses, Heather Unger, WSP and Prof. Catherine Lawson, University at Albany

11:30AM Financing for EV Infrastructure, Anthony Courreges, C40 Cities

12:00PM Upgrading to Electric: Facility Modifications for Electric Vehicles, Jewels Carter, WSP

-- BREAK--

The Main Route - Afternoon

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1:00PM Technology and the Future of Electric Vehicles, Dana Lowell, MJ Bradley & Associates

1:30PM Planning for the Unknown? Modeling is a Must, Shantelle Dreamer and Anaïssia Franca, WSP

2:00PM NYSERDA’s Support of Municipal Clean Energy Transportation Initiatives, Chris Reohr and Adam Ruder, NYSERDA

2:30PM Global Trends in the Electric Marketplace, John Heaton IV, WSP, and Haylee Ferington, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council

The Scenic Route

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10:30AM Size Matters: The Five Biggest Pitfalls That Large Transit Bus Operators Must Avoid, Cliff Henke and Jim Wensley, WSP

11:00AM Shaping the Future of Battery Electric Bus Microgrids, Phil Jonat, WSP

The Off Grid

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3:00PM Virtual Interactive Breakout Session - Have another question for our experts? Ask it here! To register, pick your session on the registration page.


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