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Oct 13 2020
2:30 PM

Global Trends in the Electric Marketplace

This conversation between John Heaton, WSP, and Haylee Ferington, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, will look at the transition to zero emissions bus programs in select places from around the world and how we can bring those lessons learned home to the US.

One of the ZEV implementations that will be looked at include China's country-wide program to move to zero emissions buses, which has deployed more than 4,000 buses to date.

This session will run 25 minutes, inclusive of Q&A.

This session is on the Main Route - Afternoon.



John Heaton IV

John Heaton IV is a Sustainable Transportation Planner with WSP. His recent work experience has focused on data assimilation, quality control, and client engagement on the San Bernadino, CA Countywide Zero Emission Bus Study, which included research into comparable ZEB operators throughout California. John is a highly knowledgeable planner. John’s experience also extends to Hong Kong and Shenzen, China where he researched and examined the implementation strategy for over 16,000 battery electric buses. John holds a Masters of the Environment in Sustainable Transportation Planning; University of Colorado Boulder and BA in Geography with a certificate in Urban and Metropolitan studies from the University of Georgia.

Connect with John on Linkedin.

Haylee Ferington

Haylee Ferington is lives her passion as Clean Energy Communities Coordinator at the Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council. Through her work, you can find her anywhere from analyzing the utility load for a highway barn to crafting local land use laws for large scale renewables, and all the LEDs and EV charging stations in between. Haylee has serves as professional mentor for graduate students from Columbia and Cornell Universities, sharing her inspiration of assisting communities in actualizing their clean energy visions. Her current ZEV work features a keynote speech at a regional seminar and a Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Fleet Electrification Study.

Haylee has a knack for discovering the partnerships and opportunities that are often the final missing piece to solving a solution. Currently, this includes forming partnerships with utilities and multi-state initiatives to shape how zero emission investments will be directed in the coming years into the vulnerable populations of the state. Growing up in rural America and spending her young adult life in urban environments, a wide-reaching passion and breathing duality is evident in all of Haylee's work.


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  • Opens: September 17, 2020
  • Closes: October 13, 2020



  • Speaker Presentation
  • Live Polling
  • Question & Answer Session


  • Adam Ruder, NYSERDA
  • Alva Carrasco, WSP
  • Anaïssia Franca, WSP
  • Anthony Courreges, C40 Cities
  • Prof. Catherine Lawson, University at Albany
  • Chris Reohr, NYSERDA
  • Cliff Henke, WSP
  • Dana Lowell, MJ Bradley & Associates
  • Haylee Ferington, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council
  • Heather Unger, WSP
  • Jewels Carter, WSP
  • Jim Wensley, WSP
  • John Drayton, WSP
  • John Heaton IV, WSP
  • Pat Carr, SolTrans
  • Phil Jonat, WSP
  • Shantelle Dreamer, WSP