WSP Electric Vehicles Now


Oct 13 2020
3:00 PM

The Off Grid

Join us for a virtual interactive breakout session where you can have deeper conversations with speakers from the day, ask further questions, or just listen in. Registrants can choose a specific session topic to join during registration. Off Grid runs from 3-4pm EST. To register, go to the registration page and choose from the options below - or let us pick for you!

Topics are:

  • Policy, Funding, Financing and Procurement - Moderated by Katherine Herleman
  • Planning of Systems and Facilities - Moderated by Shantelle Dreamer and Ted Orosz
  • Engineering – Mechanical/Electrical - Moderated by Phil Jonat and John Drayton
  • Engineering – Civil - Moderated by Cliff Henke and Brandon LeGrave
  • Implementation, Operations, and Maintenance - Moderated by Jewels Carter and Anaïssa Franca