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Oct 13 2020
10:30 AM

Transitioning to Battery Electric Buses for Municipal and Small Operators - it's no small fleet!

Transitioning a bus fleet no matter what the size to zero emission vehicles is not for the faint hearted. It can take several years of patience, stakeholder preparation and careful planning to have a robust and thoughtful program ready to receive funding and be implemented. In this session, Alva Carrasco will talk to Patricia Carr, General Services Manager at Solano County Transit (SolTrans) about the steps they took to make their goal of reaching 100% battery electric bus fleet by 2033 a reality.

Find out more out SolTrans on their website.

This session will run 25 minutes inclusive of Q&A.

This session is on the Main Route - Morning.



Alva Carrasco has over 26 years of experience working in the public transit sector and has dedicated her career to providing communities with clean modes of transportation, reducing congestion, and improving operational efficiencies in transit agencies. She has worked with transit authorities throughout California to deliver transit plans focused on incorporating and wholly transitioning to ZEB bus fleets, including Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority, Solano County Transit (SolTrans), and San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority (MUNI). As the Transit and Rail Senior Market Lead at WSP, Alva has been closely involved in helping these agencies address internal policies and government mandates with ZEB and leverages her expertise from working at all levels the transit industry. Alva currently serves as President of the Board of Directors of Latinos in Transit.

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Pat Carr is the General Services Manager responsible for Facilities, Fleet and IT at SolTrans in Vallejo, CA. She has over 30 years of experience in transportation across various types, including aviation and low-emission vehicles. Prior to joining SolTrans in 2016, Pat utilized her aviation experience in emergency response and safety for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in creating the agency’s emergency operations plan. Pat is passionate about ensuring transit and transit facilities enhance the commuting experience and esthetics in Vallejo. As an active community member, she is wholly committed to seeing that emissions are reduced for population of Vallejo who mostly live adjacent to the Highway 80 corridor, a major traffic route in Northern California. 

Pat’s experience in low and zero emissions vehicles began soon after she joined SolTrans. In November 2016 SolTrans took delivery of 6 CNG commuter coaches and one month later the first two battery electric buses arrived. Pat undertook extensive research at conferences, trade shows, events, and through visiting nearby facilities before setting off on SolTrans’s Zeb journey and in 2017, engaged their utilities provider to start planning for the future fleet of 77 revenue vehicles. Pat and her team at SolTrans are committed to meeting the 2040 mandate to transition to zero emissions for the people in their community, for their environment, and for their future.

Read more about SolTrans here.



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  • Adam Ruder, NYSERDA
  • Alva Carrasco, WSP
  • Anaïssia Franca, WSP
  • Anthony Courreges, C40 Cities
  • Prof. Catherine Lawson, University at Albany
  • Chris Reohr, NYSERDA
  • Cliff Henke, WSP
  • Dana Lowell, MJ Bradley & Associates
  • Haylee Ferington, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council
  • Heather Unger, WSP
  • Jewels Carter, WSP
  • Jim Wensley, WSP
  • John Drayton, WSP
  • John Heaton IV, WSP
  • Phil Jonat, WSP
  • Shantelle Dreamer, WSP